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April 2008

Previously I mentioned that my dad and I are planning on building a PCA SP3/NASA Supercup classed car out of a 944 turbo that my dad recently purchased. After driving it in February at the brand new CMP configuration I knew that we have a lot of work to do on this car. Since then we have installed some custom built double adjustable Koni coilovers all the way around on the car. We have also installed some rather enormous fully adjustable swaybars front and rear. A new boost controller was sourced and installed so the lack of boost shouldn't be a problem this time. Hopefully we won't be having any more teething problems with the car.

This was the first event with the new suspension. First session revealed that the car was too stiff in the rear to be driven without a LSD. The sway bar was adjusted to full soft to try and compensate for the lack of grip in the rear on corner exit.

The entire event reavealed that the brakes are not setup correctly. The peddle has very little feel. It was also very easy to lock up the rear brakes. We changed front pads hoping that they would help the balance. It was later found that the brake bias valve was leaking brake fluid. The weekend was ended early for safety reasons. For next event I plan to have the brake balance issue solved.

Here are two data files from Saturday:


The second session I tried a different combination of brake pads. When we returned to the pits, we noticed brake fluid leaking from the distribution valve. We then determined that it wasnt safe to continue testing so we packed up and left for home early.

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