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Welcome to the MaxQData User Community Wiki site!

This site is provided for users of MaxQData systems to share timeslips, datafiles, and other useful information. It is a companion to the MaxQData User Forums.

This is a "Wiki" site. A wiki is a site that you can edit yourself. Please feel free to edit this site, add your datafiles, reorganize things, etc. Please be respectful of the additions that other users have made. At the same time, don't be surprised if someone else has made some constructive additions to something you've created. There's nothing stopping you from editing someone else's postings, just as there's nothing stopping someone else from editing your postings. If you see a mistake, correct it! If you see something that needs to be improved, improve it! Above all, let's all play nice together! Report vandalism to .

Track Beacon Files

Why wait until you've put in a few laps to get the track beacons set up? Share your track beacon files in the Track Beacon Files section with others so they can hit the ground running.


For those of you using the Codes OBD-II scanner, here is the default codes.txt file containing descriptions of all the standard OBD-II codes.

Racer Index

We know you've got some interesting data - maybe you've recently tested your new nitrous kit, or you've put on R-compound tires for the first time, or you had an amazing holeshot that helped you win the final round. Show it here!

In the Racer Index, there's a list of hardcore racers just like you who've put up their timeslips for bragging rights. Add your name and start uploading your timeslips and flight recordings - color commentary welcome!

How to create your own personal page

Click on the Racer Index link (you may want to right-click/Open in New Window so you can still see these instructions). Click Edit in the upper right corner of the page. You will be asked to log in if you haven't already. You will then see a list that looks like this:

[[Albert Winston]]\\
[[Chuck Ng]]\\
[[Xavier Jackson]]\\

Add your name to the list using the same format. Be sure to put [[ at the beginning and ]]\\ at the end. Put your name in the list in alphabetical order. Then click the Save button.

Next, click on your name and you'll be at an empty page that you can edit. Write something about your data, such as when/where/conditions/circumstances. Click the Save and Edit button at the bottom.

Now, click Attach in the upper right corner. There is a five-step process listed on this page. Browse your computer to find the file you want to attach. This can be a timeslip graphic, a .MQD data file, an MPEG movie, an Excel spreadsheet, a picture of your car, whatever. Click the Upload button once you have selected the correct file. You can continue this process to add as many files as you like. (Please ZIP large .MQD flight recordings before uploading.)

Once you have attached your files, click the Edit the ... page option. At the bottom of your page, add (:attachlist:). For pictures and timeslips, you will probably also want to show the file inline with your text. You then need to write Attach:<filename> into the page where you want to show the image. Be sure to save the page once you have finished your edits.

To add more to your page, go to your page and click Edit from the upper right corner of the screen, then edit the page appropriate. You can even create additional pages to organize your data according to event, car, etc.

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