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March 2008

This was the first weekend that I was able to drive my car on the new configuration at CMP. Most people were about 4 to 6 seconds a lap quicker on the new track so I had high expectations. I spent quite a lot of time studying the data that I recorded a week earlier and I had found several places where I thought I could make improvements. After doing some calculations, I expected at least to be 6 seconds a lap faster than my fastest lap. Little did I know that my calculations were very conservative. By the time the last session on Sunday came around, I was already 8 and a half seconds quicker than I had ever circled the 2.3 mile course and I wasn't done shaving time off yet. After putting it all together at once I ended up over 3 seconds quicker than I had predicted. Its hard to believe that I did that on Kumho Victoracers that I had bought used without knowing how many heat cycles the tires had already endured.

Here are all the files for the March event at CMP:


Here is a link to one lap of the 3rd session on Sunday. It is me chasing a 951 GT3...

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