• Performance tuning
    Measure power, acceleration, and speed
  • Drag racing
    Time 60 foot, 1/4 mile, graph acceleration during launch
  • Dyno testing
    Monitor injector duty cycle, manifold pressure, O2 voltage, and  temperature
  • Road racing
    Create track maps, measure lap and segment times with actual or virtual beacons, monitor corner entry and exit speeds
  • Autocrossing
    Measure "friction circle" performance envelope, overlay and compare runs, check for smoothness
  • Vehicle testing
    Generate acceleration and braking plots, add specialized sensors, sample at high rates for more accuracy
  1. When using a TraQr standalone without a Pocket PC, in-car lap timing and data displays are not available
  2. Autocrossers benefit greatly from using a Pocket PC to review data quickly between runs, but the TraQr is normally used standalone without a Pocket PC
  3. MQGPS basic performance measures only (Lateral G, slalom/apex speed); shock tuning may require MQ200-MAX depending on desired sample rate
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