High Performance GPS Data Acquisition

The MQGPS-TraQr is a breakthrough in capability, price, and ease of use compared to older accelerometer-based systems.  No worries about leveling the unit, no errors due to roads that aren't perfectly flat.  Stick it to under your windshield and go test.  Easily transfer the system to another car for comparison, then download your data to a laptop for analysis.

$289 MQGPS-TraQr
  • Operates standalone or with Pocket PC, 6 hour record time, 5 Hz sampling

OUT OF STOCK Please refer to DIY options

Key features:

  •  Lateral and Longitudinal acceleration
  •  Speed and Distance
  •  Horsepower
  •  Lap and segment times
  •  Altitude
  •  Satellite count
  •  Turn radius
  •  1/4 mile timeslips
  •  Track maps
  •  Friction circle plots
  •  MQGPS-TraQr allows 6 hours of recording time, with optional speed threshold so data is recorded only when moving
  •  World-class sensitivity and satellite tracking
  •  Excellent battery life; go a whole race weekend without needing to recharge

Used by:

  •  Road racers
  •  Motorcycles
  •  Circle track racers
  •  Drag racers
  •  Karts
  •  Boats
  •  Skiers
  •  Gravity car racers

Use our trademark QView mode to zoom in on your performance and uncover where you can save time.  Overlay data files from other drivers to compare technique.

(red = braking, blue = acceleration, width of rectangle = lateral acceleration)

Read more about the software here.

More screenshots: Flight, Chart, Codes, and Setup

Just how accurate is it?  Validation testing consistently shows timings within a few hundredths of a second of dedicated track timing systems:

(MPH readings are slightly higher than trap speeds because they are calculated at the line, not as an average over the previous 66 feet)

The MQGPS-TraQr can also be connected to a laptop or Windows Mobile Pocket PC via Bluetooth for real-time data readouts and lap times using the MaxQData software.  It also works with third-party mapping and navigation software that can handle update rates greater than 1 Hz.

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